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罗纳河谷(Rhone Valley),法国第二大葡萄酒产区,一般被认为是法国葡萄酒历史最悠久的产区,拥有众多实力超群的酒园。 北罗纳河谷有Cote-Rotie, Hermitage; 南罗纳河谷有教皇新堡Chateauneuf Du Pape, 这些都是在葡萄酒世界掷地有声的顶尖产区.

Rhone Valley, the second largest wine region in France, usually regarded as the one who has the longest wine-producing history among all the French wine regions. It has many excellent wineries. In Northern Rhone Valley there are Cote-Rotie, and Hermitage; In Southern Rhone Valley there is Chatearneuf Du Pape, which are considered as the greatest in the whole wine world.


Numerous grape varieties are allowed here and they have many different ways of combinations. Rhone Valley is a modern, charming, wine region with long history and various styles. Shiraz and other main grape varieties in Australia and other new world countries are born here。


Total Price for Used Wine:7 different kinds of wine,2500RMB in all.
用酒来源: 海外直购,本地采购
Wine Source:  Both home and abroad
Wine Source:  Both home and abroad
Class Time:3-5h
We’ll have it:2 times a year